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Thursday, 30 July 2009 09:54

Plastic Spine Boards

Boasting a unique design infrastructure and technological expertise, the E T E one-piece moulded plastic spine board provides a range of benefits including ease of use, maximum immobilization and patient safety.



  • Angled edges for assisted log rolling;
  • Tapered design follows body contours ensuring easy maneuverability in confined spaces;
  • Pre-stressed for additional weight carrying capabilities;
  • Non-slip mild grain surface;
  • Ten large gripping handles ensuring secure grip with or without protective gloves;
  • Fourteen individual strapping slots for immobilization straps;
  • Two vertical slots enabling the secure fastening of the head immobilization device base pad;
  • Recessed strapping area underneath board preventing chaffing of head immobilization securing straps;
  • Recovery line securing holes at head and foot of board assisting in abnormal rescue operations;
  • Buoyant for water rescue.  Additional flotation strips may be inserted.
  • X-ray translucent;
  • Designed to fit inside standard basket stretchers;
  • High resistance to fluids, chemicals and temperature;
  • Various colours available;
  • Customer generated identification numbers may be permanently moulded into the board for future identification purposes (quantity orders only).


Length Width Height Weight Max Load Capacity
1.8 M 400 mm 65mm 6.5 Kg 180 Kg

Shipping Dimensions:

Box Height Box Width Box Length Shipping Weight
70mm 410mm 1.815M 6.8Kg


Extrication Jackets

The E T E extrication jacket is at the leading edge of immobilization technology in the South African emergency medical market.  Ideal for immobilizing patients from confined spaces this jacket is borne out of a unique design infrastructure ensuring maximum material strength and ease of use.



  • Spinal support with built in neck support and chest flaps;
  • Capable of immobilizing spinal cord when correctly applied;
  • Secures patient in inverted position;
  • Manufactured out of heavy duty, vinyl coated nylon;
  • Three large material built in handles assist rescuers in securing a firm grip on both the patient and jacket;
  • May be adapted for use as a pelvic / hip splint by inversion;
  • Easy access to patients chest achieved through adjustable, fold back sides;
  • Wraparound design enables fitment in confined spaces and provides vertical rigidity to support the spine, neck, and head during extrication;
  • Uniquely designed rib structure incorporating four centre perspex ribs for increased flexibility and ease of application in complex extrications such as the confines of bucket seats;
  • No interference with the application of anti-shock trousers;
  • Hassle free application is assisted by sewn in colour coded straps and snap lock buckles;
  • Restraints straps manufactured out of 45mm nylon webbing;
  • Suitable for multiple patient sizes including pregnant women;
  • Paediatric models are available;
  • Fluid and blood resistant;
  • Easily cleaned using mild detergents;
  • Colour: Medical Green;
  • Lightweight;
  • Accessorised with a compact carry bag for effortless storage and ease of transportation as well as a neck roll pad, chin restraint and forehead restraint;
  • 5 Year guarantee;
  • May be marked as appropriate.


Immobilisation Accessories

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